We're CivicArchive - an open, aggregated & searchable
national library of municipal records.
Just four quick questions...
How would you use your open access to CivicArchive?

CivicArchive is a searchable collection of local government records you can view, share, download or access by API - at no charge. How you would use your CivicArchive?
What geographical areas and government bodies would you want to monitor?

Would you search include a governing body for one or more counties, states or cities? What kind of county, city school district and other records?
What records do you need from which bodies of local government?

Our initial focus is on meeting agendas and a wide range of support documents. Which of these or other records do you need?
What features would you want the CivicArchive to have?

If you could have any features in CivicArchive what would they be?

If you have any other comments or feedback or, might be interested in collaborating we'd appreciate your candid thoughts!

Fire away with any ideas or feedback.  
If you would like personal contact please leave your email  address here. Or, after you submit this survey you'll be taken to a thanks page on our site where you can contact us.
Thank you for your time! We hope you'll enjoy using our service and look forward to inviting you to our launch! If you know anyone who would benefit using CivicArchive please share this quick survey with them. Thanks again!
Thank You!
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